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          Savagest Incorporated as a business started when I was going through difficult times transitioning in and out of organaizations in order to find my true path in life. I was a Disk Jockey in my late teenage years, and started a small business with a former friend of mine. Our business was called Hot Box Entertainment. Hot Box Entertainment was a very sucessful business, however it was only the start of my DJ career. I eventually strived toward excellence and began to record my own mix tapes and then that branched off to my own Album (Queens UP! Kings'awt!) After meeting a Hip-Hop & Rap duo dubbed (WAR-CLUB) I made a commitment to record my own album first just as my role model and self made Musical Star (Alisha Keys) had done so of her own free will. After I was to record my own Album I committed to make an Album with War-Club. Well as of this year I have recorded the Dirty-Street version of my album, and aim to press it (Release date uknown). Now that I have Incorporated SAVAGEST APPAREL INCORPORATED, SAVAGEST RECORDS INCORPORATED, I shall continue with Incorporating SAVAGEST INCORPORATED, and press my first album under my Record Label SAVAGEST RECORDS INC. I plan on Trade Marking SAVAGEST, as all rights are reserved.



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Mawgcen Neskynilh,